What Aussies are unequivocally removing wrong

Left, right, middle, up, down. They are all over a place.

MY FELLOW Australians it is time to face a truth, we are vital in anarchy.

The anarchists have taken a figure of pedestrians who exclude to ‘keep left’ on footpaths.

Australians travel on a left palm side of a footpath. This was a widely supposed gathering that seems to have been fast lost over a past 10 years or so. So most so that in 2014 Melburnians cried out for a government-run ‘keep-left’ campaign.

When we revisit places like New York or Hong Kong, places with outrageous populations though finish walking harmony, we wonder, what is wrong with Australia?

Walking in a heart of New York City during rise hour, we are radically shoulder to shoulder with hundreds of other pedestrians, issuing by a city with minimal disruption, most like a finely choreographed dance.

You would have a peculiar straggler who would consider it a improved thought to mangle divided and travel on a conflicting side though would be fast pushed behind into a overlay not usually literally by a hundreds of shoulders that would deliberately be driven into him, though by a stares of offend from only about each other pedestrian.

But in Australia, with a ever flourishing civic population, there is no choreographed dance, it’s most some-more like a food quarrel where we steep and wobble to equivocate contact.

I’m not observant everybody does it, we have common many an under-the-breath mutterings with associate undone pedestrians and headshake during those who have taken to a pavement like a round in a pin round machine.

I get it, a numbers are flourishing and a infrastructure is not gripping adult *cough* trains, buses, housing, healthcare, all *cough* though this is something we can indeed control.

So only keep left. If we need assistance remembering only repeat this familiar diddy in your mind ‘Lefty Lucy, only keep left would you’.

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