I bribed my approach out of Bali jail

Nick Taylor is confronted by Bali media during his drugs hearing in 2007.

NICK Taylor spent 3 months and 10 days behind bars in Bali’s scandalous Kerobokan prison. But it could simply have been so many worse.

It was mid-2007 and Mr Taylor, afterwards 41, was in Bali holidaying with friends and DJing during Double Six, Bali’s biggest nightclub, that was celebrating a 20th anniversary with an all-night party.

Taylor’s set began during 1am — by noon a subsequent day he was still going, this time during a poolside after-party. Like many of a revellers, he was fuelled by drugs and when a celebration was destitute by military they found 0.3 grams of MDMA in his pocket.

Nick Taylor spent 3 months and 10 days behind bars.

Nick Taylor spent 3 months and 10 days behind bars.Source:News Limited

Suddenly, he was confronting a frightening scenario. Locked adult in a same jail that was home to Schapelle Corby and a Bali Nine, he was staring down a tub of a vital sentence.

But afterwards along came an opportunity.

Under Indonesian drug laws, possession of many drugs carries a limit judgment of 10 years — and if offenders explain to be dependant they can accept many lighter penalties.

Writing in a new book Abroad, Broke and Busted, Mr Taylor reveals for a initial time a deals he done that ensured he was behind during home in Byron Bay, NSW, a small some-more than 3 months after being sealed away.

The book is a collection of travellers’ stories gathered by Matt Towner about a good, a bad, a nauseous — and a undisguised dangerous — of travelling.

It chronicles 14 travellers from Byron Bay and opposite Australia and how they managed to kick whatever difficulty they encountered, either it was jail in a building universe nation or scarcely unwell in a jungle.

The new book that chronicles a thespian tour of 14 Australians in unfamiliar countries.

The new book that chronicles a thespian tour of 14 Australians in unfamiliar countries.Source:Supplied

Mr Taylor’s comment includes a impulse he realises he needs to remonstrate authorities he was an addict — a usually problem was MDMA wasn’t as convincing as heroin to “prove obsession in court”.

“We’d paid a Balinese military forensics lab to learn that a MDMA I’d been destitute with indeed tested certain for cocaine, as this would be a some-more convincing piece to infer obsession to in court.”

What he longed for was to be charged underneath Article 88, that is a Indonesian law for unwell to news your drug obsession to authorities. Mr Taylor used income donated by family and friends to “negotiate” a three-month judgment for himself with a prosecutor and judges who were perplexing his case.

He suspicion it was all settled. And afterwards came a bombshell around his Indonesian lawyer.

“As we sat with my quick partner on a peppery tiled building of a swarming visitor’s courtyard, he’d told me that authorities were now perfectionist another 10 grand — that we didn’t have — or they couldn’t pledge that I’d be charged underneath Article 88.”

Under Article 88 a limit judgment was 6 months. But if he was charged as a user with possession of 0.3 grams of heroin he could be slapped with a 10-year jail term.

“Article 88 doesn’t come cheap, and nothing of a genuine drug addicts within Kerobokan have a resources to means it.”

Australian DJ Nick Taylor realised a Balinese authorised complement was heavily shabby by greed.

Australian DJ Nick Taylor realised a Balinese authorised complement was heavily shabby by greed.Source:News Corp Australia

Mr Taylor writes in Abroad, Broke and Busted, he was never some-more acutely wakeful of a fervour and “crass corruption” of a Balinese authorised complement that during that time. “As many as it seems to me that I’m inextricable in a installed game, interjection to my implausible support network it’s a diversion that I’m in a absolved position of being means to play.”

And it paid off.

The judges supposed his obsession story. An AAP news from a time pronounced Mr Taylor was pacifist as he sat in a declare chair, his conduct bent as a judges review out their verdict.

His girlfriend, who formerly testified that Mr Taylor was treated for drug obsession in Australia, watched from a open gallery.

Judge we Nyoman Gede Wirya told a justice that while Mr Taylor’s crime contributed to Indonesia’s drug trade and harm supervision efforts to quarrel drug abuse, he had been honest and repentant during his trial.

“He was respectful and honestly certified his crime, he felt contemptible and betrothed not to do it again. He intends to find medical diagnosis for his obsession after he has served his punishment, and he has never been in jail before,” Judge Wirya said.

He was condemned to a shorter tenure and eventually flew behind to Byron Bay to get on with his life. One of a things that had altered for him yet was his adore of being a DJ.

He wrote how, dual weeks after his release, friends organized a gift gig to assistance him compensate off his authorised debts.

He designed to finish his set with Jailbreak, since he knew even afterwards his “heart only isn’t in it anymore”.


Andrew Chan wrote this minute in a wish that it reaches high propagandize students and that his story will make them consider some-more about their lives and a preference they make.

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